Monday, January 09, 2006

Kinda busy and tired

I haven't really hade much ambition to post or the time to think about posting. My step Mom is in the hospital... no worries though. She had a really bad nose bleed after a run in with a can on the top shelf in the grocery store. The bleeding didn't start until almost nine hours later. Long story very short. Her blood pressure was way high so they are keeping her until things calm down. She lost a ton of blood too and they had to give her 2 units of blood (so far). I kicked out one of the Dr. she got in the ER... stupid resident was watching TV, asking her questions and then asked her to repete somethihng she said. Then shortly after he came in and yelled at her for sitting up... she was sitting up coughing up a HUGE blood clot in she was gagging on!! Stupid Land of Sand import Dr. Wanna-be!!


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