Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tap, Tap, Tap

This thing on?
*clears throat*
Hello... llo...lo..o
Testing 1, 2, 3..
Ahhh there we go..

You all come here to see what I've been doing and what I've been up to. Some of you have blogs of your own where you talk about what you've been up to and doing, but today... I want to know what your up to on my blog...
What are you up to?
How's your week going so far?
What's the weather like?
Feeling ok?
Answer in my comments.

While your busy doing that...
I'm off to...
Work on February's "Dates-N-Things"
Work on a new Tuesday Poll
Drum roll please...

Oh yes.... I'm still doing laundry! lol



Blogger Colleen said...

Working on soaping! I already cleaned the house for the umpteenth time. LOL! Other than that I can say nothing exciting is going on. Kids will be walking in the door any minute though!

2:58 PM  
Blogger me said...

I am having some ice cream and trying to catch up on some blog reading while Dylan is watching tv. It's my 'unwind after work' time'.
The week's going okay so far. I need to get a list of stuff to do written up so I will stay on task, though.
The weather here was pretty nice today. I had to shuck my coat off when I picked Dylan up from daycare.
No headache, no backache, and I'm eatin' ice cream... yep, I'm feelin' pretty good! :)

PS: I'm doing laundry, too. It never ends.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

Colleen-I know your house... what do you have to clean? I really need to make a batch of soap here soon. My skin is not liking the body wash Im using.

Kim-Ice Cream... brrrrr. As much as I want to enjoy ice cream this time of year it's just too cold to have some. Guess it could be a mental thing too... ice cream is more for hot weather. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one with a bottomless laundry basket. I looked today and I have about 2 more loads. UGH! Where did it come from. I thought I finished up yesterday. oh wait...we all wore clothes yesterday! LOL

8:37 AM  

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