Friday, January 20, 2006


It's Friday!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!!
I'm just sitting down relaxing from being on the go for the whole day. Left the house at about 9am... got home around 3ish. Stopped in to see Dad and the step Mom... came home and I sat down for about an hour before Sherm got home from work and we headed out for our usual Friday night fast food dinner and a little while ago I sat and finished knitting the body of a purse I knit from my "With a twist of lemon" homespun yarn when we got home from dinner. It seems like I've been running and running and it's not going to stop any time soon. Dad and my Step Mom have nasty colds.. the step mom made herself sicker by not stopping an antibiotic when she started having a reaction... a very bad reaction!! The kind that you're suppose to contact the Dr right away and she let it go for 3 days, kind of reaction! She has sores on her head... the runs non-stop and she was sick to her stomache. UGH! (sorry if all that was too much info) She went back to the Dr. today and they took chest x-rays and she's starting heart congestion(congestive heart failure?) They gave her a new antibiotic and upped her water pill. I never get compete details... she only hears what she wants to hear. I really wish I could go to the Dr with them sometimes.... It sure would make me feel better about some of the things Dad and her tell us. Half the time I think we only get what she "thinks" is what's going on. I have to go down a few times a day to wash out the the sores on her head and apply ointment to them... I asked my sister if she'd go on Sunday since she's off work and she refused..."uh uh.. not me!" then offered to pay me to do it *sigh* I washed up their dishes tonight and Mikey took out their trash... Sherms going to help Dad tomorrow with a problem they've been having with their new furnace. Boy that furnace company doesn't want to show up when I'm around let me tell ya... I'll give them the "what for" and rip them a new "you know what"! You just don't let a senior citizen, limited income couple go for 3 weeks with a damper stuck open and a furnace blowing hot air out through the A/C unit than into the house! Dad's been waiting for them to show up for 3 weeks now.. he's called them several times and he finally said to heck with it. I know he can be a pain to work for(he used to own a big heating and plumbing business), but this is a major problem that's costing them a lot of money. They paid a lot of money for this new furnace and it's till under warrenty.

Well... enough of my rambling. I' m off to go poke at my knitted square for the purse. It's wet and being blocked right now. I want to make sure it's holding it's shape. hehe... ok ok.. I have to look at it again. My homemade yarn knitted up really cool! I'll post pictures in a few days of the final project.

Laters, Dudes and Dudettes!
P.S. There's a blogger out there that is wanting to get some comments on his blog and some visitors... If you have a minute stop over and see my sons blog.. Little Squid Dudes Place


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