Sunday, February 05, 2006

Boo to Blogger

I created a cool icon to display up in the address bar in front of my http://mrsblahblahgobbledygook and Blogger doesn't allow .icon images to be uploaded. Boo to you Blogger!! Boo!! I want my own server space so bad now it isn't funny. UGH! I'm not going to do it though.... got one heck of a heating bill and I no money to toss on junk like server space when I have free Blogger. *sigh* oh well... in a few months maybe. After the heating season is over and we are past the bill shock of over $300.00 for heat and electric in one month. You know I could see prices like that if this wasn't a little mobile home.... Can you imagine what it would cost to heat a huge 4bdr house?? We are 2 brd, 1 bath, 980 sqft!! Tiny!! And we're buttoned up tight this year because of the higher heating bills. UGH! Oh and get this.... our supplier has tacked on a sur charge for "less than normal weather conditions". Meaning they are charging us because Mother Nature wasn't as cold as normal!! The public service commission said it's ok for them to charge that. I wish I could set my own prices like tha...t say when I go to buy a car or something. Or charge my boss (if I had one) for.... ohhh lets see... in bad snow storms for the extra stress that happens on the drive in everyday! Or go to him and say... "my heating bill went up so I'm going to give myself a raise" Yeah.... right! LOL only the big guys can do that. We have no choice but to agree with it or they yank our plugs!

Wow I was getting a bit off mychest there wasn't I? I feel better now :)

We're waiting for the SuperBowl to start. We already had Mikey's Taco dip and the chilli is in the crock pot cooking away. We also have a cheese ball, pepperoni and crackers for later during the game.

Laters gang!


Blogger mrsgeno said...

yea i heard about that new charge national greed it doing....glad i am out of ny, it is going down the tubes. my electric bill for january was 79.43 and december it was 81.23...

9:14 PM  
Blogger Colleen said...

You might want to check for leaks if your bill is that high. My sister's last bill was close to $300 & it's just her & her daughter, and they aren't home during the day. My in-laws have a 1200 sqft home & their bill is about that much too. They keep their house around 62 during the day & below 60 at night. Brrrr!

12:22 PM  

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