Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thanks, Phil!!

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning! Woo Hoo! 6 more weeks of winter. Maybe I'll get to use my new snowblower!! We ran it once on New Years day just to see if I could run it. We had about 2 inches of slush and it was so soupy that the blower wouldn't throw it very far. It came out of the shoot and just fell to the ground because it was so soupy! LOL It's powerful, but it just sits there... all alone... sad looking. hehe :) I love my new snowblower and want sooooo bad to use it.

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~Phil's Site

The sun is out... it's going to 50 today and I'm feeling so much better than I did yesterday.

::Just something I've been thinking of lately::
After watching a kid from Mikey's school walk with the crotch of his pants down at his knees and then seeing him again with pants on the normal way I had a moment of ... well... I'm not sure what you'd call it... a bright idea? a vision? it's something that should be followed through with for sure. You see, this kid walks so strangely to keep his pants from falling down that even when he has on normal pants he still walks err waddles around. Then I think about all the other people out there that walk the same way and there are quite a few of them! We have a whole generation of kids that have totally thrown off their whole bodies. We are going to have a huge need in 30-40 years for special physical therapists and orthopedic. I'm a little late to go to school for this, but if I had to choose now or recommend to anyone what field they should go into I'd place my money on physical therapy or some sort of orthopedic.
Ok... end of random thought... Next time your out at the mall take a look at how some of the teens walk now-a-days with their big baggy pants and tell me I'm not right.

Come on Friday... get here already would ya? Sheesh. My sister and I are picking Mikey up after school tomorrow and heading to the mall to get our nails filled. Hers for the first time, mine for the second. I really need mine cut back again too. They've really grown. Plus I'm having trouble typing again. Seems like I spend more time correcting typing mistakes than it takes to type what I want to say. That totally flips my wig because I make enough spelling errors that I don't need typing problems thrown in on the mix! lol
Maybe I should I include a disclaimer on all my posts...
"Not all spelling mistakes happen on their own.. some are pure boo boo's as a result of having finger nails that hit 3 keys at the same time" :P LOL

Gotta run to the bank!
Laters Dudes and Dudettes!


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